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Lou Peralta 

Disassemble # 4, Disassemble V Series, 2021.
Sublimation print on polyester fabric, cut it into strips, woven through a ´honeycomb´steel wire net.
Size 39 x 31 x 16.5”.

About bout piece Disassemble #4:

Name: Cielo

Place of origin:

Huahutla de Jiménez, Oaxaca

The typical regional dress features

a long tunic, known as a

huipil, decorated with

cross-stitch embroidery in floral

and bird motifs.

They also wear a simple wraparound

skirt, or enredo, also

decorated in cross-stitch

and belted with a red sash, and

huarache sandals on their feet.

They comb their hair parted

in the middle, with two braids

interwoven with black

ribbons, which fall over their

chests. The arrangement is

topped by a traditional

fringed rebozo which they drape

over their heads to protect

themselves from the sun.


Visual Artist


Mexico City

(All of Peralta´s photographs are taken with a GFX50s medium format Fujifilm camera.)

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